Former bassist and founding member of Megadeth, Dave Ellefson, has begun work with Screaming Butterfly Entertainment. Ellefson announced that his Ellefson Films will be a part of the upcoming feature-length documentary “This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza.” Ellefson has signed on as a co-producer and narrator to guide the viewer through the exploration of the late Megadeth drummer’s life.

Ellefson had this to say about the project,

“I am proud to announce I will narrate/co-produce the upcoming documentary film This Was My Life: The Story Of Nick Menza, and I look forward to sharing together with you the life story of one of music’s most celebrated rock star drummers of all time, Nick Menza.”

Menza’s longtime personal manager Robert Bolger said:

“I am very happy to connect David Ellefson with Screaming Butterfly Entertainment to narrate/co-produce the project. Ellefson’s involvement and knowledge will secure the authenticity of the film. They both spent a lot of personal time together touring world, and if anyone knew Nick best, it’s David Ellefson.

Nick loved his fans and always said without the fans none this would be possible. I really think Nick’s fans will enjoy this journey through his life.”

Executive producer/director Holly Mollohan from Screaming Butterfly Entertainment added:

“I am very happy to welcome David Ellefson to the ‘This Was My Life’ team. He brings with him a wealth of in-depth knowledge and personal experience that will be so valuable to making this film something very special for the fans and Nick’s family. I believe that his involvement will be an extremely positive addition to the project, and am excited to collaborate with him on the film.”

Check out the Indiegogo campaign that will help to complete the film here.

Fans have the opportunity to support the production of the film directly, as well as obtain some rare official Nick Menza memorabilia. These items include various Nick Menza personally owned items — some with authentic signatures from Nick himself. In addition to memorabilia, fans can purchase brand new Nick Menza merchandise including hats, posters, and even Nick Menza skateboard decks. Fans can even have their names and a message added to the end credits of the film.

Watch the trailer, and a message from Dave Ellefson down there!