Danzig sounds just as evil covered by kids

Posted by on May 12, 2016



We’re no strangers to the O’Keefe Music Foundation. It’s essentially like a School of Rock that rocks even more, a non-profit music organization that aims to teach kids about the recording industry by recording and releasing music. They’ve covered Slipknot (and shot a house-trashing video) and of course Tool, which initially brought them to our attention. This time, they’ve chosen to cover the Elvis of evil, Mr. Glenn Danzig. Instead of covering “Mother,” which would be a somewhat obvious choice given the fact that they’re kids, they tackle a more obscure song, “Let it be Captured,” from Danzig 4.

Like everything they’ve done, it’s high quality and looks and sounds great. Even Danzig himself took time away from reforming the Misfits to approve of it, and he’s not known to be super complimentary about things. And just like Danzig is in the midst of recording an EP of Elvis covers,  The foundation has started a Kickstarter campaign to have them record Danzigology, a 6-song tribute record to Lodi, NJ’s native son. The other songs they’re planning on covering are as follows:

“Bound by Blood”
“Can’t Speak”
“Her Black Wings”
“Black Candy”
“Come to Silver”
“Twist of Cain”


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