The O’Keefe Music Foundation is like a more metal version of School of Rock. A non-profit music organization that aims to teach kids about the recording industry by recording and releasing music, we’ve written about them covering Tool before, and nailing it. Now they’ve returned with a cover of Slipknot’s “Duality,” and an even better video. Essentially, it shows a bunch of people showing up at a suburban house and completely trashing it. While musically, it lacks the chaos of the original, but it sounds great, plus you get to see a playground set on fire, a microwave smashed, other things bashed with a sledgehammer. And during the credits, you get to hear a little bit of another group of kids working on Tool’s “Lateralus.” This should be enough for any potential musician to want to pick up an instrument, or maybe a can of spray paint. Either way, masterful job.

[via theprp]