Danimal Cannon Performs Chiptune Metal Version of Rush’s “Subdivisions” Live at MAGFest

Posted by on January 13, 2017

This year’s MAGFest, a yearly music and gaming festival held in Maryland, had enough metal bands this year to not only put on a show, but to go on their own US tour. One of those musical acts is Danimal Cannon, a project of Buffalo, NY musician Dan Behrens. His show consists of himself on guitar, and a Nintendo Gameboy on synthesizer. The entire performance, along with Urizen, The Protomen, and more have been uploaded to MagFest’s YouTube page.

During his performance he went on to play a stellar cover of Rush’s 1982 hit “Subdivisions” using only a guitar and his Gameboy. Dan prefaces the song by calling it “the pop song with the most time signature changes ever.”

Embedding is prohibited, but the song can be heard at 23:49 of the video.


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