Cult Of Luna Are Just ‘Passing Through,’ And They’re Cold

Posted by on March 7, 2013

Last week, Cult of Luna got together to perform an acoustic version of Vertikal‘s album closer, “Passing Through.” Instead of on a soundstage, in a studio or at a radio station somewhere, however, the band played it in a harbor in Helsinki, Finland during a snowstorm. Even on the album, the song is a stark coda to an otherwise brutally heavy album. But played outside at night during a blizzard, with wind howling around them, the beautifully-shot video, done for Finnish video blog Off The Record, is even more sparse and haunting.

Here’s what guitarist Johannes Persson said about the shoot:

“We shot it in one take and my fingers were so cold that I couldn’t feel them after only half-way through the song. I didn’t get the feeling back for over 30 minutes after we got inside. All wind sounds you hear are real – no special sound effects to make it sound cool – the sound is straight from the mic. It was fucking freezing and fucking windy. The blizzard came from Sweden where it had closed cities and roads and it got worse later on during the night. The images actually do not give the cold justice.”

Vertikal will be released on vinyl in North America on March 26th.

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