Corey Taylor says something massive is brewing for Slipknot

Posted by on February 18, 2021


Corey Taylor recently spoke with Kerrang! Radio discussing Slipknot plans. While concerts remain uncertain due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the singer feels optimistic as he revealed the band has a tour planned for this year as early as September. The artist also expressed how something massive is brewing for the band, which will be revealed in the next month or later.


Taylor explained:

“Slipknot is booked to tour America end of September. We are booked to go out. And we haven’t heard anything yet that it’s different. And we talk to [concert promoter] Live Nation every week. We’re up to date on all of the different restrictions, not only in the [various U.S.] states, but federally. We’re, obviously, keeping an eye on everything and kind of going from there. Other than that, right now, there’s some stuff brewing that I can’t talk about, but it’s massive. I can say this: you will hear about it probably in the next month or so, let’s put it that way.”



In more Corey Taylor news, the Slipknot/Stone Sour singer revealed he has written five zombie-themed screenplays.


Watch the interview with 105.5 WDHA below:



Between the mysterious Slipknot update and seeing Taylor has done a lot of writing this year, we can only guess the major news would involve either a new album or a Slipknot movie?

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