Combichrist guitarist Eric13 releases new song “Black Lipstick”

Posted by on October 13, 2020


Combichrist guitarist Eric13 has released a new video for the song “Black Lipstick.” The track is a first in a series of singles he plans on releasing over the next six months. Eric13’s former Sex Slaves bandmate Del Cheetah directed and edited the clip in Las Vegas, actress Tink’s parts were filmed in Reading, England and Eric13’s was at his home in Philadelphia. The track will be released as a limited edition 7” vinyl single from Swedish label Bad Mofo Records. A “Black Lipstick” remix EP will be available on November 13th.

Eric13 comments:

“It was definitely a challenge to plan and execute a video when none of us could be together. It required a lot of trust to bring together our different artistic elements. I’ve never met Tink, but she has this incredible magic that jumps off the screen. Photos of her inspired the entire video and artwork for the song itself. She is like no one or anything I’ve ever seen. The recording was already complete, yet she is the song, and the song is her.”

He adds:

“I was basically on tour for five years straight. I’ve been writing new songs steadily the entire time, but I was playing live so much that I never had time to properly record and release my new music.  ‘Black Lipstick’ is step one. now I wanna open the flood gates.”


Watch the clip below:



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