Epica guitarist Isaac Delahaye has released six Epica courses for College of Metal. That’s right, a college of metal, which is an online educational platform for aspiring musicians to learn music from metal musicians across the globe.

Delahaye has premiered the below video trailer for his guitar tutorials:

Artists at College of Metal focus more on the songs than techniques as each individual course is a walk through of the entire track.

The press release explains:

“All courses have 3 camera views, including close-ups of both left and right hands. Every lesson includes accurate guitar tabs, reviewed by Isaac Delahaye himself. Also, he explains any differences between the recorded parts and the way he’s playing them in an ever-changing live environment.”

You can check out the individual Epica courses and the full Epica bundle here.

Depending on the package, the Epica tracks include: “Beyond the Matrix,” “Edge of the Blade,” “Fools of Damnation,” “Kingdom of Heaven,” “The Obsessive Devotion,” and “Unchain Utopia.”