Coheed And Cambria’s New Song Reminds Us Of Something

Posted by on August 28, 2012


We’ve already heard “Domino The Destitute,” Coheed and Cambria’s first new song from The Afterman: Ascension via live footage earlier this month. And as you can see above, they’ve released a video for the song. The beautifully-shot black and white video, directed by Robert Schober, tells the tale of a boxer that turns to crime. Even though it doesn’t initially seem to line up with the album’s overarching concept of an astronomer that discovers a beam of light that connects the planets, I’m sure it will make sense in the context of the full album. Meanwhile, the song itself is an eight-minute epic that mixes the heaviness that the band sometimes displays with the proggy alternative universe they live in.

Yet the intro, which comes about 45 seconds into the video, struck us as familiar. In fact, a little too familiar. Listen to the intro to the song and compare and contrast it to the intro to “Wasted Years,” Iron Maiden’s first single from 1986’s Somewhere In Time. Granted, both songs are entirely different after the intro, and we’re sure that Claudio Sanchez would admit that he’s been inspired by his current tourmates. Yet we wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not the first Maiden fan to make this leap. The Afterman: Ascension will be released on October 9, with The Afterman: Descension following in February 2013.



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