On October 9, Coheed And Cambria will release the first part of their double album The Afterman: Ascension (with the second part, The Afterman: Descension, due out in February 2013). So far, we’ve heard an acoustic rendition of one song and seen a teaser for the album (sadly, it’s unlikely that their “Somebody That I Used To Know” cover will appear on either disc). But on Tuesday night (August 7), Coheed And Cambria treated fans to the album’s first single “Domino: The Destitute.” And now fan filmed footage of the performance can be seen above.

Granted, it’s always hard to judge new material via lesser-quality live footage. But we definitely like what we hear in the video, and we’d bet that most die-hard fans (as well as a few skeptical metal heads) will enjoy as well. And considering all that’s happened over the past year (not to mention that this marks the band’s first album with bassist Zachary Cooper, and first with drummer Josh Eppard in over six years), we’re sure many will be relieved if the rest of The Afterman is as good as “Domino: The Destitute.”

[via djosh1200 by way of The PRP]