We like Coheed and Cambria a little more when the proggy band embraces their metal side over their emo. This year’s The Color Before the Sun is more straight-ahead rock, but frontman Claudio Sanchez yesterday debuted a rendition of Adele’s “Hello” on Conan O’Brien’s Teamcoco that makes Adele’s version seem like Slayer by comparison. The sparse version, with just Sanchez and an acoustic guitar, is definitely emo as fuck, and Claudio’s  message to his mom to go along with the video also finds the singer with his heart on his sleeve with a version so earnest, it’s hard to hate.

“For my mother, who told me the new Coheed record is just as good, if not better, than the new Adele. 🙂 Honestly, what else is a mother supposed to say to her son. I love you, mom.” – Claudio

Coheed and Cambria: emo kid-tested, mother approved.