Coheed and Cambria head from Here to Mars, Claudio remembers Wes Craven

Posted by on September 3, 2015


On October 16th, Coheed and Cambria will release their first non-concept album, The Color Before the Sun. Until then, however, the band have released a video for “Here to Mars,” the second taste of the album following the poppy “You’ve Got Spirit Kid.” It’s pretty much a stright up love song. And while it’s nowhere near as heavy as songs like “Welcome Home” have been, if you like the more melodic side of the band, you’ll enjoy this video, which premiered today via Rolling Stone.

In addition to talking about how the album was inspired by him moving to Brooklyn and becoming a father,  frontman Claudio Sanchez  also weighed in on what Wes Craven meant to him:

It’s really about the creation of Freddy Krueger, honestly. Not too long ago, I put out a song on a seven-inch with a solo project of mine, called “Elm Street Lover Boy,” which was about: Had Freddy Krueger truly loved Nancy? Maybe she was misreading him. For so long, I had always put Freddy Krueger up there with Darth Vader — someone that was huge, coming up. Whether it was Wes’ writing of the script or Robert [Englund]’s delivery of the character, I don’t know, but something about that creation, I think, for me, stands the test of time. Very few people can accomplish that in life. George Lucas has that with Star Wars, and Wes and Robert have that with Freddy Kreuger: They’re just these characters that will always resonate for the rest of my life. Being a creator of characters myself, I can only wish to attain that thing that they just have.

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