Clutch have new songs written, hear them play one

Posted by on June 12, 2017

Photo: Melinda Oswandel

One of the best things about seeing Clutch is that they almost never play the same set twice. They have a 20+ year catalog of music to choose from, and they like to keep things interesting. That involved road testing songs long before they make it onto an album. Before Earth Rocker or Psychic Warfare was released, fans got to hear tracks from those albums sprinkled into their sets. It’s an awesome thing for their fans too, as by the time the album comes out, they’ll pick it up just to hear studio versions of the songs they’ve gotten to hear live over the past few years. In an interview with Metal Wani, drummer Jean-Paul Gaster said that not only are the band already a handful of tunes into their next album, but they’re sprinkling some new tunes in for fans:

“We took a good bit of time off. We were off for nearly four months, and so for us, that’s quite a long time; we hadn’t taken that much time off in… I don’t remember how long. So we spent a good portion of that writing new songs, working out in the jam room, working on new arrangements, working on concepts. And at this point, we have a handful of tunes that have vocal ideas. We’ve been putting them into the set. We’ll play one tonight; the one we’re doing tonight is called ‘How To Shake Hands‘.”

And while footage of “How to Shake Hands” hasn’t made it’s way online yet, another new song the band’s been playing, “We Love a Good Fire,” has. Check it out below. The band will tentatively be recording the follow-up to Psychic Warfare later this year.



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