Chris Cornell mashes up Metallica’s and U2’s “One”

Posted by on December 1, 2015


If there’s a Venn diagram of people that want to hear U2’s “One” mashed up with Metallica’s “One,” it probably consists of not that many people. Also, it’s probably not anything anyone’s wanted to hear since, oh, about 1993. However, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell was inspired by the fact that both songs have the same title, and decided a few years ago to do a cover of Achtung Baby’s ballad with Metallica’s epic song about a disfigured war veteran. Actually, he says that he googled the lyrics to the U2 song and the Metallica ones came up, so that’s what really inspired him. It’s been kicking around the internet since Cornell did it in 2013, and well, if you like both songs, have fun with this. Personally, on a scale of one to ten, we’d give it a…

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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