Chelsea Wolfe shared another new song with “The Culling,” taken from her latest effort Hiss Spun, which will be released on September 22 via Sargent House. The six-minute bleak atmospheric track will haunt you for the next few weeks. We already heard songs such as “The Offering,” “Vex,” and “16 Psyche,” and we are more than ready to listen to the new album.

Wolfe shared her thoughts:

“I’m at odds with myself, exploring different characters, comparing war stories….desperation, withdrawal, clarity, disgust, grief.

There is a sense of feeling like a vulnerable mess, but giving into that and turning it into some kind of beautiful decadence; becoming stronger through accepting the mess of yourself…accepting that you’re this feral creature full of instincts, cycles, rage and love.”

Listen to “The Culling” below and pre-order Hiss Spun here.