In another installment in the seemingly perpetual series of Metallica covers comes a pretty awesome take on one of Cliff Burton’s more notable masterpieces.

Multi-instrumentalist and Youtube sensation Rob Scallon is celebrating what he calls “May-tallica” with a series of instrumental covers of some of the band’s works. Scallon kicked the month off with a banjo rendition of “Battery” and has followed suit by giving “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)” the upright bass treatment.

Shredding a gorgeous, white upright bass, Scallon effortlessly takes on this legendary Burton bass solo. The acoustic take plays nicely on the sparse composition of the original and really emphasizes the finger work that goes into performing this piece.

Scallon will be closing out “May-tallica” by taking requests on what he should cover next via his Youtube comments. You can check out the cover here: