Cattle Decapitation share “Scourge Of The Offsping” video

Posted by on March 29, 2023

Photo by Nick Van Vidler


San Diego death grind masters, Cattle Decapitation, have released a video for their latest single, “Scourge Of The Offspring.” The track is taken from their upcoming tenth studio album, Terrasite, set to release on May 12th via Metal Blade Records. Known for their unique portrayal of humanity’s impending doom, as exemplified in their 2019 album, Death Atlas, their forthcoming effort is promised to push boundaries, expanding their sound. 


Vocalist Travis Ryan explains:

“I wanted to do the 180° opposite of Death Atlas. I already had the concept idea from years back and since Death Atlas was so dark and brooding, I wanted a completely opposite effect – I wanted this to take place in the daylight. I’ve always found daytime horror to be really unsettling so I wanted to make sure what was going on on the cover took place in the light of day, which also finds its place within the lyrics. From a place of distress. Anger, rage, resentment, depression, anxiety, a poor outlook on our species both on a day-to-day level, a broader, worldly level as well as a philosophical level.”


On the single, Ryan adds:

“Makes up the bulk of the album’s concept that the first song, ‘Terrasitic Adaptation,’ and the cover art sort of set into motion. In the first song, we find out what’s going on on the cover, and this song deals more with what our children will end up being – adult humans, shat out and left to make sense of this world only to end up being part of the problem simply by existing.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


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