Former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Caleb Bingham has formed an extreme metal project called Athanasia. The line-up includes Brandon Miller on bass and Jason West (Murderdolls / Sebastian Bach / Wednesday 13) on drums.

Athanasia has been more than a decade in the making. Started by Bingham under the name Ascension, the project ended up being put on the backburner as he played guitar for Five Finger Death Punch and Zonaria. Following his exit from Zonaria in 2014, Bingham decided that it was time to revive the project, giving it a new name and fresh momentum.

The band has also announced plans for its debut album. Titled, The Order Of The Silver Compass, the record is slated to hit shelves on March 15 through Seeing Red Records and Rock of Angels Records. According to a post to their Facebook page,

“The album combines anthemic stadium metal hooks with elements of bay area thrash and Scandinavian black metal styles.”

Says Bingham:

“I’m very proud to announce that after years of literal blood, sweat, tears and countless hours of hard work, Athanasia’s debut LP, ‘The Order Of The Silver Compass’, is finally about to see the light of day. Blast it in the car and you’ll notice your gas pedal hitting the floor in a matter of seconds!”

Pre-orders are available now.

Track List:

1. Read Between The Lines
2. Spoils Of War
3. The Order Of The Silver Compass
4. Cyclops Lord (My Will Is Done)
5. The Bohemian
6. Mechanized Assault
7. Nightmare Sound
8. White Horse