No one knows why it is taking System of a Down over twelve years to create a new album. It has been since 2005’s Hypnotize and back then, they aggressively released new music including two within the same year. Let’s face it, even their drummer John Dolmayan doesn’t know why. In a recent interview, he revealed the band has fifteen “fantastic” new songs written and only time will tell until we get to hear them.

Last night (1), the group performed their first show since 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland and they played zero new tunes. Instead, they brought back a few tracks they haven’t played in over a decade. It took them seventeen years to bring back “Pictures,” other tracks include “Highway Song,” a first since 2005 and both “Violent Pornography” and “This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song” since 2006. For any SOAD fan, this is a show you wish you were at. Fortunately, a fan most likely knew this and recorded the entire set and shared it on YouTube.

Watch the show below: