Borknagar release video for “Winter Thrice”

Posted by on December 23, 2015

Norway’s Borknagar have a new album coming titled Winter Thrice which will hit the shelves on January 22nd via Century Media and we can watch the first official video of the title track and looks very “winter-y”

The album encompasses everything that Borknagar has put to tape over the past two decades, from their most brutal assaults to their most experimental compositions, with a larger progressive vibe than ever before, making it an absolute highlight in the band’s already stellar career so far.

Guitarist Øystein G. Brun comments about the track:

“This was in fact the very first song I wrote for the new album and in many ways a very personal song. The song is, quite frankly, a full throttle hymn to the mountains.

“Growing up between the mountains here at the west coast of Norway, the inborn attraction towards the mountains is very real — and has been real for generations. Maybe it is just some sort of evolutionary misfiring deriving from my ancestors where I feel the urge to get up high to watch for dangers or enemies approaching from the coast, or to find new places to settle down. Maybe, maybe not. But throughout history, mountains have had a special place in many cultures and that’s certainly no coincidence. This is my way of portraying the grandeur feeling of being on a mountain top with thin air, deadly winds and bloody taste in my mouth. That feeling.”

If you pay attention to the video and listen to the vocals, you can listen the guest vocals from Borknagar’s original frontman Kristoffer Rygg, a.k.a. Garm from Ulver. Garm sings with Borknagar again, folks!

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. The Rhymes Of The Mountain
02. Winter Thrice
03. Cold Runs The River
04. Panorama
05. When Chaos Calls
06. Erodent
07. Noctilucent
08. Terminus


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