[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]http://youtu.be/OhhOU5FUPBE[/youtube]

Black Sabbath has premiered today a music video for their single “God is Dead?” The video was directed by controversial filmmaker and grassroots activist Peter Joseph, who created the Zeitgeist movement (which stands for environmental friendliness, and sustainability). The video does a good job in being mysterious, with an undertone and theme of wanting peace on Earth. Joseph continues his track record of controversy by showing images of people taking off religious paraphernalia, such as crosses and hats, in the belief that God has abandoned them. It’s visually stimulating, and can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, making it interesting to watch more than once.

However, the video is missing, namely Black Sabbath. The only shots of the band are generic stock footage from live shows throughout the early and semi-later Sabbath days. The video also uses a lot of generic stock footage of war and explosions to pad out the length of the song, which get a little tiring. Many of the videos shots are held for an incredibly long period of time, and some shots, such as the shot of an eyeball, are used multiple times throughout.

Watch the video for yourself above, which comes just in time as Sabbath’s new album 13 comes out tomorrow (June 11).