Between the Buried and Me talk about concept of new album in new video

Posted by on May 6, 2015


When we interviewed Dan Briggs about the forthcoming Coma Ecliptic album, he spoke to us about the concept of the album. Today, in a video that premiered on Billboard, frontman Tommy Rogers speaks more about the concept of the album, out on July 10th.

“In every song he’s experiencing different past lives,” lead singer Tommy Rogers says in the video of the character central to the album, “trying to find a better world to live in.”

Citing The Truman Show and The Twilight Zone as influences, Rogers describes the album as a “coma within a coma with in a coma” — more broadly, the moment “where you realize everything you’ve been experiencing, everything you’ve been living, is fake.”

This is just an excerpt from The Making of Coma Ecliptic, a DVD that will be available exclusively as a preorder with the album, which again, will be out on Metal Blade on July 10th. It can be preordered here.

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