Between the Buried and Me pay tribute to Caleb Scofield; Old Man Gloom decides to carry on

Posted by on April 10, 2018

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We are still at a loss and shocked about the passing of Caleb Scofield (Cave In, Old Man Gloom and Zozobra) who died in a horrific car crash at 39. While his friends and bandmates have already expressed their grief, Between the Buried and Me paid their respects live. While the group are currently on the road supporting Automata I, which released last month via Sumerian Records, they decided to share their respects in Boston on April 3rd by playing a snippet of the Cave In track “Big Riff.”

“Our tribute to Caleb Scofield from the end of our show in Boston last weekend. He was an inspiration to many and will continue to be one for years to come. Thanks to all who were at the show and helped us raise many for his family and celebrate his life with the biggest riff of them all. If you can, please share and donate to the memorial fund. for his wife, daughter and son. Rest in peace brother.”

Old Man Gloom drummer Santos Montano continued to share his thoughts about the dreadful loss. However, he also revealed that the band are planning to carry on without Scofield.

Read the heartfelt statement below:

It’s been beautiful, heart warming, heart wrenching, horrible, and uplifting to see the outpouring of love coming in from all over the planet.

This has been the toughest week that many of us have ever had to live through, and without the support of all the other people who are feeling the void left by our friend, we would have been truly lost. I was held up, physically and emotionally by someone I hadn’t seen in 15 years during the memorial. I gave hugs to people I hadn’t seen in decades, and felt true love in every single one without having to share a single word, and a few times, I didn’t, I just walked away, and it was understood that speaking wasn’t necessary. I’ve read sweet sincere words from a hundred and fifty strangers, and only one or two dudes being assholes. I watched the fund climb and climb and climb, even today, almost entirely from people who didn’t know Caleb, but truly loved him and felt they wanted to repay that love by supporting his family.

That’s incredible.

I am taking genuine comfort from how beautiful our community is. I’ve said it many times, and will continue to say it, thank you to everyone, you all have acted with love, dignity, and respect during this time. I’m so grateful.

One last thing.

In a quiet moment, in a very loud room filled with more people than I could count, Aaron and I were sitting across from one another, totally drained, zombiefied, just looking at each other. He leaned towards me, and I leaned towards him. He quietly said ‘Santos, do you still want to do Old Man Gloom?’

My stomach dropped, and I responded ‘we have to now. We don’t have a choice.’ We spoke to Nate and he agreed. I don’t know what it means, or how it will manifest itself, but we will continue and do our best to honor Caleb, and that means we must exist.

I share this very private moment because I truly feel after this week you are all a part of our story so much more than I ever realized. Thank you for showing us that. We love you all.

I promise I’ll get back to being a shithead soon. I don’t know when, but eventually. Things are just different now. They’ll be different forever. That being said, I’m a shithead at my core, so you know, it’ll start creeping out soon enough.


While the Youcaring site is running strong for Caleb’s memorial fund, Hydra Head Industries have launched a Caleb Scofield memorial fundraiser. The pre-orders are now available for Zozobra’s Harmonic Tremors/bird of Prey 2xLP as well as Zozobra’s Unreleased Tracks EP and more. All profits go towards Caleb’s wife’s and children during this difficult time.

The Caleb Scofield memorial fundraising preorder is now live. Items on offer: ZOZOBRA “Harmonic Tremors/Bird of Prey” 2xLP (including a hand painted test press edition), ZOZOBRA “Unreleased Tracks” EP, OLD MAN GLOOM Caleb Scofield tribute t shirt. All profits are going to help Caleb’s wife and children in this time of need. This is a tribute to one of our favorite humans and a helping hand extended to those he most loved. Link in comments. Thank you for your support.”

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