Beartooth take over Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen

Posted by on September 24, 2014


Taco Bell has proven to be one of the most band-friendly fast-food restaurants for years with its Feed the Beat program.  Since its inception in 2006, countless artists have gotten tour support from the program by way of Taco Bell Bucks to help them eat while on the road, with Andrew WK, Every Time I Die, We Came as Romans and The Sword among the bands that have benefited from it. Beartooth, a band currently in the program, got to reap the benefits even more, as they recently got to visit Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen, which they likened to Graceland. Not only did the guys get to try menu items that aren’t out yet (and were sworn to secrecy about), but they also got  to make their own creations. Caleb Shomo’s item, a potato taco inside a chicken burrito, was dubbed the “Grilled Stuffed Bear-ito” by him, and it looks delicious.


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