Axl Rose appears in Budweiser ad featuring rapped ‘Paradise City’

Posted by on June 12, 2014


There’s a saying that all musicians want to be actors and all actors want to be musicians. We’re not sure if that extends to athletes, but that appears to be the case in a Budweiser commercial that’s airing in conjunction with the beginning of the World Cup. It’s a relatively confusing ad that shows UFC fighter Anderson Silva and a handful of soccer players playing the GN’R classic “Paradise City.” Except instead of singing, they’re rapping about soccer. It’s not the first time we’ve seen artists rapping over iconic rock songs, but it has the same somewhat jarring effect.

At any rate, towards the end of the ad, Brazilian forward Hulk throws a guitar pick into the crowd and it’s caught by none other than Axl Rose, who catches it, opens a Budweiser, and toasts the “band.” Actually, for all we know, Axl might have actually replaced the rest of GN’R with soccer players – he probably wouldn’t stand for them rapping over “Paradise City,” though. And Dizzy Reed probably would have let us know. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of this ad, but you saw it here first. You’re welcome?

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