Avenged Sevenfold get drunk, play “Nightmare” at Hard Rock Finland

Posted by on March 16, 2017

It can’t be said that Avenged Sevenfold don’t enjoy themselves. Last week, they posted a video of their time in Helsinki. Titled “Town Drunks,” the first minute of the video shows the band getting a few drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki. It looks to be around last call, as there aren’t many people in the bar/restaurant. However, the band decide to get up on the small stage and play “Nightmare.” It’s pretty telling that they would allow the performance to go up. Without a soundman, effects, their own instruments or anything, the rendition they play of the song is raw. It’d be hard to tell not knowing who Avenged Sevenfold were if they’d come off as anything more than a local garage band. 

The band downplay it, saying the patrons “fled for the exits.” The band was likely cut off and the customers fleeing for the exits because the bar was about to close. It’s still a pretty fun thing to see. Maybe you’ll get a repeat performance from the band when they’re on tour with Metallica, A Day to Remember and Volbeat this Summer. 


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