We are three weeks away until Avantasia’s new album Moonglow arrives on February 15th via Nuclear Blast. We’ve already heard the eleven minute single “The Raven Child,” and today (25th), the Tobias Sammet (Edguy) project has unveiled the titled track “Moonglow.” Surprisingly, the song is under four months long. However, as expected, the track is stunning. Additionally, the elegant tune features the Blackmore’s Night singer Candice Night.

Sammet commented about the song:

“Yes, we’ve found a song on the new album that is below the 4 minutes benchmark and it would work as a single. And despite being rather short it’s also representative for the world of AVANTASIA. Somehow in hindsight I think that my admiration for Mike Oldfield shines through here, which wasn’t intentional but you can’t really control that. And by and large I find the song to be a typical AVANTASIA song nevertheless. The enchanting Candice Night did an amazing vocal job, and in all modesty, I think so did I, ha! ‘Moonglow’ is a declaration of love to the moon, the night; it’s about entering a different world and the sacred experiences that go along with it.“

Watch the lyric video below and pre-order the follow-up to 2016’s Ghostlights here:

Avantasia will embark on a world Moonglow tour, check out the North American dates here.