Photo: Core Adams

Mastodon have as many side projects as they do albums, and while drummer Brann Dailor hasn’t been in as many as Brent Hinds (Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Fiend Without a Face, West End Motel) or Troy Sanders (Killer Be Killed, Gone is Gone), he’s getting his own side project when Arcadea releases it’s debut album on Relapse Records on June 16th. Dailor, who sings and drums on the project, joined up with guitarst/keyboardist Core Adams of Zruda and Withered guitarist Raheem Amlani, who’s playing synth on the album.

It’s not like the trio are jumping on a trend necessarily, but with the sudden popularity of vintage synth bands like S U R V I V E, Perturbator and Magic Sword, they’re releasing their self-titled debut just in time. “Infinite End” is a psychedelic blast of synthwave with Dailor’s unmistakable vocals. If you haven’t heard the more upbeat “Gas Giant,” which really sounds kind of like an 8-bit Mastodon song, check that out as well. The album, which will be released on June 16th on Relapse Records, is available for pre-order.