Alexi Laiho tribute video posted by members of Immortal Guardian, Helion Prime, Oceans of Slumber

Posted by on January 7, 2021


Earlier this week, renown guitarist Alexi Laiho passed away and members of Immortal Guardian, Helion Prime, and Oceans of Slumber shared a tribute video of “Downfall” in his honor. The video consists of Immortal Guardian guitarist Gabriel Guardian, vocalist Carlos Zema and drummer Justin Piedimonte along with friends Mary Zimmer (Helion Prime), Semir Özerkan (Oceans of Slumber), and Rex VanCandy.

This is our tribute to one of the greatest metal guitar players who ever lived: Alexi Laiho.

This man influenced me in ways no other guitar player ever has. Alexi set the bar for all of us! Him and Santana are my top 2 favorite guitar players of all time. I watched all his videos/dvds religiously as a kid and was so influenced by all the legendary music Children of Bodom and Sinergy made to be like them. I’m so sad to see the world has one less guitar legend. His music helped me get through some of my darkest days and he inspired me to make metal music from day one.

Big thanks to my friends who collab’d with me to make this tribute happen. We are all Bodom fans and had so much fun making this video.

We are all so saddened by the news and we coped with it by doing what we do best, playing music. I hope where ever Alexi is, he can hear our tribute and feel the infinte amounts of love all his fans have for him. Until we meet again…

RIP Alexi Laiho (WildChild)


Watch the “Downfall” tribute below!

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