After the Burial vow to continue during onstage appearance

Posted by on August 3, 2015


This year’s incarnation of the Summer Slaughter tour has been going on for almost a week. While the tragic loss of After the Burial guitarist Justin Lowe understandably led the band to drop off this year’s tour, the four remaining band members stopped by Friday’s (31) show in Minneapolis to talk about Lowe and their future. Taking the stage, each member of the band spoke about the loss of Lowe. Video shot by a fan shows the emotional video, which almost comes off as a therapy session, finds the band thanking their hometown fans for all the support. More importantly, the band state that they’re not done yet and will continue on. Here are some excerpts, courtesy of Metal Sucks.

We wanted to come up here and talk to you for a second. Obviously we couldn’t be on this tour. We want to thank you guys from the bottom of fucking hearts for all the support you’ve shown us. We wanted to thank you guys for showing us all the support that you have. All the kind words. All the bands that’ve reached out through social media. The things that all our friends have done for us. It means a lot. It really does. Thank you guys so fucking much or doing that. We love you.

Minneapolis, MN has been through it all. I remember seeing Justin for the first time with these guys before I was officially in the band, at The Garage. That venue sucked, but it was an awesome time. We did our first few tours in a 1979 G20 with a gas leak, the seats weren’t even bolted down, no fucking trailer. Slept on peoples’ floors, ate like shit, had a lot of good fucking times. It took us all over the place, all over the world. I spent the best days of my life with Justin Lowe. A big part of it was the support system we had and the home base we had and the good friends we had, a lot of these bands on tour. We’re gonna miss him. We’ll always love him. Just wanted you to know that Minneapolis is the heart that pushes the blood through After the Burial and we want to thank you. We want you guys to have a good time tonight. Thank you.

Before we go, we want you guys to know… we’re not done. Justin would have never wanted us to stop, and we’re going to keep moving forward. We’re going to take time to gather ourselves. We’ll be back. We will be back. And his music’s going to live through us and through you guys.

The band has been through quite a bit since Lowe announced he was leaving the band in the midst of recording an album via Facebook, then his subsequent disappearance and presumed suicide, it can’t have been easy for them, and to have them be able to publicly state their love for Lowe and vow to continue on is a silver lining in what must have been a black cloud for the last few months.

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