brutallegendBrutal Legend, the upcoming uber-metal video game starring Jack Black, and its developer Double Fine are out the legal woods after settling a release-threatening lawsuit filed by original publisher Activision. From Joystiq:

On the day that attorneys for Activision and Double Fine were scheduled to present their arguments before a judge over a lawsuit filed by the former to delay the release of Brütal Legend, the Associated Press reports that both sides have settled.

The AP article notes that it was Activision’s legal team who notified the court of the settlement, and that an official notice outlining what sort of agreement was reached has yet to be filed with the court. Late last month, the judge in the case indicated he was not inclined to force Double to delay the game while the publishers engaged in legal posturing, and that he felt Activision didn’t have “a likelihood of succeeding” in the matter.

[NYT via Joystiq]