Agnostic Front Guitarist Saves Child From Speeding Car

Posted by on May 8, 2012

For the past 30 years, Agnostic Front have been referred to as legends of the NYC hardcore scene. While touring Melbourne, Australia earlier today, though, founding guitarist Vinnie Stigma became a hero by saving a child from a speeding car.

The band recalled Stigma’s heroic actions in the following Facebook post:

“Today Vinnie Stigma was a local Melbourne hero! … A small child broke away from his mother’s hand and ran into the street. Stigma ran out into the street grab [sic]the kid just before a speeding car struck him. Stigma jumped away from car with the kid in his arm the car clipped his foot! Luckily he was wearing his boots and only sustained a bruised ankle! Stigma saves the day once again! The show will go on!”

Way to go, Vinnie! We’re pleased to hear that both Stigma and the child made it out ok. And as an added bonus, Agnostic Front won’t miss any of their remaining Australian dates with Sick Of It All.

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