Milwaukee venue closes doors to metalcore shows

Posted by on September 18, 2015

Metal is not an easy genre to host for any venue. With all the mosh pitting and heavily inebriated crowd, it’s bound to have some mishaps during some shows but most know what they get into before agreeing, except a Milwaukee venue who just shut their doors to metalcore shows due to the “destructive, childish fan base.

Borg Ward has hosted many metal shows in the past and it seems like the owner, Connor Patrick Norton, has dealt with some issues with the crowd, according to his Facebook post announcing the exclusion of metalcore shows there:

Borg Ward

Norton also posted this image to show the damage some of these shows have cause:

Borg Ward 2

It’s not clear what band was that caused the whole debacle but that may hurt the scene in Milwaukee a bit. Some of these DIY venues are the only option many touring bands have to perform, particularly underground bands who can’t afford or fill a 600+ venue. There is a lesson here for everyone: do not destroy private property, especially a small venue where many of your favorite shows are hosted.

[via, h/t Matty Mo]



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