Trash Talk update: peeing in your own mouth is ‘huge in Australia,’ says skater

Posted by on June 24, 2014

trashtalkpeeA few weeks ago, we grossed ourselves out by writing about a fan at a Trash Talk show that peed in his own mouth at a show in Australia in the pit (SFW picture to the right; click on the original article for the NSFW link). The Reddit user that documented the goings-on elaborated, saying that the guy didn’t seem that drunk and that he heard later that he was a pro skater and did it all the time. We wrote it off and tried to forget about it forever, but that was before we read an article on Vice that says that not only is peeing in your mouth “huge” in Australia and catching on in Europe, but it even has its own nickname, “bubbling.”

Skater Troy West, better known as Skategypsy, says his dad taught him about bubbling when he was a kid, and that he’s starting to popularize it in Europe, having done it in Austria and Italy so far while touring as a skater. Why has it caught on among skaters?, Vice asked. “Skaters like to provoke reactions from laymen,” Skategypsy replied. If you want to see a completely NSFW video of a skater dude drinking his pee, scroll to about 3:45 in the below video:



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