TesseracT Back Out Of Bamboozle, Go To A Rap Show

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Last night, the UK progressive metal group had some bad news for fans hoping to see them at Bamboozle this May. TesseracT announced that they will not be playing the New Jersey festival this May as previously reported.

TesseracT gave the following explanation via Facebook:

“Due to a change of plans, we will no longer be able to attend this year’s Bamboozle festival in NJ. We’ve decided that we need to concentrate on finishing our second album during this time. We’re very sorry to be missing such a great festival, but we promise we will be back in the US soon!”

While TesseracT will be missing this year’s Bamboozle, guitarist James Monteith had the chance to catch hardcore rap group Onyx live. Monteith went to see Onyx’s show at the Jazz Café in London Thursday night (March 29). And as it turns out, a writer for Terrorizer Magazine was at the show as well. You can check out Monteith and Terrorizer’s review of the show (as well as a few pictures they took) at the magazine’s website.

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