Statement over Tera Wray Static’s death released, confirms suicide

Posted by on January 18, 2016

Last week, the news about Wayne Static’s widow, Tera Wray Static’s death hit the headlines, and many reported that she was the one who took her own life. It wasn’t until now that those close to Wray confirmed the news.

Explaning that the social media manager of Wayne Static’s page can’t be reached, one of those close to Wray posted the following on his Facebook page:

As we are still unable to contact the person who runs Wayne Static’s Facebook page, to post the official statement regarding Tera Static’s death, I will share it here below. This was very difficult for us to write, and we appreciate all the love and kind messages that have been received by her friends and family.

“Love conquered all on the evening of Wednesday, January 13, 2016. After 14 months of separation by death, Tera Wray Static took fate into her own hands, and ended her life to be with the man she loved.

So it is with heavy hearts we confirm her suicide. Her body was discovered by a friend whom she had been living with temporarily. The exact cause of death has yet to be released by the coroner’s office, but a drug overdose has been ruled out.

Tera suffered from depression since the death of her husband, Wayne Static of Static-X, who passed on November 1, 2014. Close friends of the couple had this to say:

“We are deeply saddened over the news, but feel a peace that she is together with her husband. The undeniable bond they had from the moment they met throughout their remaining years was an intense, true love that only few experience.”

Tera was deeply loved by her friends and family, and we politely ask that their privacy is respected during this difficult time. “

As stated above, many attribute Wray’s decision to the depression caused by Wayne’s passing over a year ago and it is certainly a sad outcome no matter what angle you look at it. What many seem to overlook is the seriousness of dealing with clinical depression and how it can affect your judgement. It’s understandable to take comfort thinking they are now together, but it’s better to always keep in mind what really happened here and not perpetuate the misunderstanding of what depression can really do. It’s not “love conquering all, Wray is no hero and we’re sure her family and friends would much rather have her still here, but our thoughts are with them.

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