Slipknot had quite a few extensive tours since 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter, making one wonder when there will be album number six. It doesn’t look like we would expect to see one anytime soon since Corey Taylor seems busy between the new Stone Sour album and upcoming Stone Sour tour.

However, the rest of the band has a different agenda. In a recent interview with WRIF’s Meltdown, Shawn “Clown” Crahan revealed awesome new Slipknot material is in the works:

“Well, we’re writing as a band, and with Corey as well. I don’t like to speak for other people but what I can say is, Yes, we’re off, and we’re off for a while for a long while. It’s much needed. We’d been touring for three years. Corey‘s doing what he does, which is Stone Sour, which is awesome. And he’s living that life, which is awesome, ’cause he does really well and loves it. It’s his art. So he does that. And we’re writing. We’re beginning to write some music for Slipknot for the new record. He’s aware of it. I think people forget that. Like they separate crap, like they’re supposed to in their brains separate both bands. But let’s never forget Corey Taylor is the singer of Slipknot, always and forever. So while we’re writing, he’s getting songs. But not for a while, it’s not like you’re going to get anything new. But we’re not just gonna sit around… some of us aren’t just gonna sit around, because we’ve done that for twenty years. We just feel like writing. We’ve had so much fun writing The Gray Chapter, and people that start writing together during this album cycle never wrote together in fifteen years, so things are a little bit different and it’s amazing and it’s fun, and we have a good time.  We don’t need big fancy studios or stuff to write.  We can just go to each other’s houses and write. Does that mean we are in the studio? Why would we go to the studio and just spend a bunch of money right now? No we are writing right now. We are writing for the new record and Corey gets them. We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years. We have songs that we’ve written that are amazing.”

This isn’t the first time we heard Clown discussing writing a new Slipknot album. Late last year we caught up with him, discussing his directorial debut, Officer Downe. Later in the interview, spoke about the next record:

Basically we are taking until February and Jim Root and I are going to do something different. We are not gonna sit around while everyone goes and does their thing, because everyone does their thing. Some people rest, some people do other bands, whatever. All of us feel, I am talking about everybody, Corey Taylor, Jim Root, we all feel that for the last 20 years we have been doing it one way, so it would be nice to just like examine the song. So we are going to get together in February and we are going to work with different people, different places, make experiences and take the opportunity to get back into a rehearsal room with a lot of us and jam and not feel like a lot of pressure like “okay we have to get together and in three months write this album.” We want to spend the next year or so diving into the ability to write songs, and explore what we are to the world as musicians and songwriters. So we are very excited to be doing some things differently. We’ve got full support from the label and everybody around us, and we are going to dive into some very unique thinking, not unlike anything we have ever done. We are just kind of tired of how the pirate ship has gone. I don’t really wanna row the oars anymore I want to be an officer or a general.”

With a process like this, it could take a few years before we hear about a release date.

Listen to the full interview below: