Slaves lost their agent, almost called it quits

Posted by on July 22, 2015

Once you get to the point of getting voted off a tour, you can assume things are not going well. Slaves had to find that out the hard way when Vans Warped Tour asked them to leave the already controversial tour, after their frontman Jonny Craig faced some allegations of inappropriate behavior. The damage that sort of incident can do to your bands can be very serious and, again, Slaves had to find that out the even harder way.

The band made a post on their Facebook page regarding the consequences of their past events and where have those leave them now:

Following getting kicked off Warped Tour, we are now stuck with $10,000 we have to pay for our vehicle(it is under contract that we rent it till the day we say we would) $12,000 worth of merch bills, The expenses of driving from Sacramento to Boston back to Sacramento and only playing two shows for warped, we have yet to pay any of our crew. and none of us can pay rent, car, or phone payments.

we have posted all our merch from Warped Tour and if you like anything PLEASE grab some and Share the store. we have a promo code “2FOR20” that will get you any two shirts for $20.
We’ve priced the merch as low as we can.

please share.


Their fans quickly responded to the plea and the band later stated:

I’m going to tell you guys the truth that this band almost hung it up the other day after losing everything including our agent and dropped off our fall tour. Last night after posting our discounted merch to try and dig ourselves out of this massive debt we received over 100 orders in an hour. holy shit, We love you guys and we cannot wait to get this new CD out and get back out on the road.


Aside from the debts the band already mentioned, guitarist Alex Lyman was hospitalized after being stabbed during an assault a few weeks back, leaving him with an even bigger medical debt as he expressed on his own post here.

If you want to support the band, go into their website to get some merch and if you’re an agent willing to take on the task to get these guys out of the ditch they already are, contact them with your best offer.

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