Slaves guitarist attacker charged for incident as hate crime

Posted by on June 23, 2015

alex_lyman_slaves_306A few nights ago, while walking through Midtown Sacramento, Slaves’ guitarist Alex Lyman was attacked by two passerby without provocation, stabbing Lyman on the side with a “7-8 inch Rambo knife” leaving him with a 4-inch deep cut that nearly hit his spleen, in addition to other minor wounds. One of the perpetrators, Timothy Brownell, was put behind bars after a witness was able to identify him.  He was arrested on charges of firearms possession and assault with a deadly weapon but he posted bond and was released.

Today, the Sacramento Police Department confirmed a new warrant for Brownell, with a new charge of the attack being a hate crime, after considering Lyman and his companions’ declarations about the homophobic slurs they received from Brownell like “faggots” and ridiculing them for “wearing skinny jeans”, giving the incident the new classification.

According to the Newsreview.com, Lyman and his friends, who are members of the band Musical Charis, Blake and Bradley Abbey, were walking arm-in-arm towards a popular Sunday night dance party at Press Club when the offenders started to harass the group and after some words exchanged by both parties, Brownell pulled a knife and attacked the individuals. Blake said about the ordeal:

“I’m really, really fucking bummed. I’m going to have thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills, and this dude stabbed three people and he’s already out of jail.”

Slaves are scheduled to join the Vans Warped Tour in mid July but the band assured, via Facebook, that no dates will be cancelled due to Lyman’s injuries.


[via theprp.com]


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