vancrashA little bit more information is starting to trickle out about the horrific van crash this morning involving Khaotika and Wormreich that killed at least three people. While at press time, the names of the three that died still hadn’t been released, Rick Hayes, the husband of Khaotika vocalist Lariyah Hayes, said that while she was in the accident and needed surgery, her injuries were non-life threatening. “Lariyah’s out of surgery and in recovery,” a Facebook post said. “Docs said it went well.”

In the meantime, a fund has been set up for the survivors of the crash and families of the band members. It may be the best way to keep up on what’s happening. In addition to Lariyah’s status, a recent update claimed “Steven is currently in the operating room. Trying as best I can to keep everyone updated with further news as it is received.” “Steven” isn’t listed as a member of either band, but Wormreich appear to have pseudonyms. As of this posting, the fund has raised $960 of it’s $15,000 goal in one hour. This is a breaking news story, and we’ll continue to give you updates as we hear more. Thoughts for all those involved in the accident.

UPDATE: According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Georgia State Patrol lists the dead as Nicholas R. Crisostomo, 25, of Round Hill, Va.; Ian A. McKinney, 30, of Madison, Tenn.; and Paul. J. Truesdell, 29, of Mableton, Ga. While Crisostomo was the drummer of Khaotika, the members of Wormreich have pseudonyms, so it’s unclear, as to whether the other two were in Wormreich or techs for one of the bands. The GoFundMe campaign has raised over $2,300 in two hours.