Sebastian Bach Has Proof That He At Least Rehearsed With Motley Crue

Posted by on September 15, 2013

bach vs sixx crueA lot of back and forth comments have been made between Sebastian Bach and Nikki Sixx. The center of it all has been whether or not the former Skid Row singer was asked to replace Vince Neil in the early 90s, with Bach insistent that he was despite Sixx denying it. The Motley Crue bassist even went as far to tweet “Someone needs attention to try and sell books” as presumably a jab at Bach. Well, Bach may indeed have evidence that he was at least jamming with Motley Crue during Vince Neil’s first exit.

Last night, Bach posted a video of Sixx and Tommy Lee’s 1994 interview on Headbangers Ball. In the interview, when talking about the band’s decision to move on without Neil, Sixx said that they did jam with other singers to see how it would sound, admitting “at times, when Vince was out of town or off doing whatever he was into doing, Sebastian Bach would come down and hang with us. And we’d be rehearsing, we needed a singer to rehearse. So he’d sing.” Sixx also said that Steve Perry of Journey also visited the band during these rehearsals (which is way more bizarre than Bach jamming with the Crue). “ABSOLUTLEY TRUE. @nikkisixx tells it like it is! Sebastian Bach Book on Book Shelves Soon… #ForTheWin #NoBullshit #Oops #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp #IAintMadAtYa #NotLying #ItsOK #SomeoneOwesSomeoneAnApology #ThanksForTheHype #IRememberYou,” Bach posted along with a link to the video below.

Granted, this doesn’t exactly prove that the Motley Crue gig was Bach’s for the taking. It does, however, prove that Bach did indeed rehearse with the band following Neil’s exit. Though Sixx never exactly denied that part of the story in his initial response, it’s also worth noting that the bassist didn’t exactly have his dates straight either (saying Neil first left Motley Crue in either 90 or 91, when he actually left in 1992). Regardless of who is right and wrong, though, the gig ultimately went to John Corabi, and then back to Neil in 1997. And that’s how the story officially ends.

Video of the 1994 interview in question can be seen below [with Sixx’s comments about rehearsing with Bach seen around the 3:50 mark].

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″]http://youtu.be/9RMkAuKWdwA[/youtube]

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