weilandThe death last December of Scott Weiland was sad and  tragic for all involved, and while any STP fan was affected by it, it’s even worse for the family of the band. The letter written by his ex-wife and mother of his two children Mary Forsberg Weiland was proof of that. And now, according to TMZ, his widow Jamie Weiland is claiming that he reneged on a prenuptial agreement, and is seeking money from his estate. The singer’s estate is valued at $2 million, and Jamie is seeking $64,406 from it.

The 2013 prenuptial agreement waived Jamie’s right to spousal support if they got divorced, but detailed that the singer was to put $2,000/month into a separate account for her. She would’ve gotten annual 7% raises as well. But she’s alleging that the singer dropped the ball, making only two deposits before he died. Again, judging from the letter that Mary had written, it doesn’t seem like the singer was the most responsible person. It remains to be seen whether his estate will honor the prenup.