Protest The Hero will drop their new album early

Posted by on June 16, 2020


Protest The Hero’s new album Palimpsest will be released a day earlier than originally announced. The band’s fifth album will now be available on Thursday, June 18th, which you can pick up here. The band changed the release date because they believe people should be observing Juneteenth instead of celebrating their album release.

“Many months ago, when we set the date of our record release, we decided on the date of June 19th. When we realized our scheduled release day coincides with Juneteenth, we didn’t feel right about celebrating our album when we should be observing the holiday. Recently we have been doing our best to look inward and acknowledge our prejudice and privilege. In doing so, we must recognize the importance of Juneteenth, and we don’t want to detract from it in any way.

Palimpsest will now be released on Thursday, June 18th. Detailed information on where/how you can purchase/stream the record will be provided tomorrow.”

Check out the band’s latest single “From The Sky” below!


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