Phil Rudd hitman calls him a ‘good man at heart,’ says he used prostitutes

Posted by on November 6, 2014

Last night’s news that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been accused of hiring a hitman to kill to men has reverberated around the world. Stuff.co.nz, who broke the story, have interviewed the man named on court documents as the hitman. In the interview, he calls Rudd a “good man at heart,” but also accuses him of patronizing prostitutes:

Stuff is aware that Rudd has had bodyguards stationed outside his waterfront mansion for the past several weeks, and the man said that was because of disputes with “working girls.” The girls that he gets, working girls and that, their partners get pissed off, he tells them ‘nah I’m not paying you’ and then the partners come and say they want their money.”

So Phil Rudd uses whores and refuses to pay them? That doesn’t sound like a good man at heart. Or does he hook up with girls not knowing they’re prostitutes, and then refuse to pay them upon finding out they are? Either way, it’s confusing. The man, whose name is being withheld, said that he was going to travel to London with Rudd as his bodyguard while he recorded the album, due to threats he’d been receiving. He also said that drummer, 60, has “done a lot for the community.” One of the alleged victims had no comment, saying he needed to speak to his attorney first. When Rudd was arrested, marijuana (no big deal) and methamphetamine (a bigger deal). He’s been held in jail since 7am yesterday. Either way, it seems like Rudd’s absence from promo shots and the video they filmed makes more sense now than it did initially.


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