Nightwish say Floor Jansen was asked to join them in June

Posted by on October 16, 2013

NightwishIn an interview with Radio Metal, Nightwish divulged that even though they only just officially announced Floor Jansen as a permanent member in the band, they’ve had her in mind for quite some time.

While Nightwish had already said they were contemplating lineup changes, there was no confirmation that Jansen was who they were deciding on prior to their announcement just a couple of weeks ago. Keyboardist and band ring leader Tuomas Holopainen told Radio Metal they were waiting for things to calm down before making an official statement, but said they asked Jansen to become a permanent fixture in June.

Nightwish parted ways with singer Anette Olzon in October 2012 after a series of uncertainties, including Olzon’s hospitalization, leaving the band without a singer while on tour. Jansen immediately filled in with some speculation that the band had her in mind as a replacement even before Olzon’s departure. Olzon had joined Nightwish in 2007 as a replacement for fan favorite Tarja Turunen.


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