Next Clutch album isn’t coming until late next year

Posted by on September 11, 2014


Last year, Clutch put out Earth Rocker, their most vital album in years, and toured a bunch, which they always do. Earlier this year, the band put up a shot of them beginning pre-production on the next album, suggesting that new music was on the immediate horizon. While they may already be working on new music, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be coming out any time soon, though. In a recent interview with Lithium Magazine, Neil Fallon said that they wouldn’t be putting Earth Rocker‘s follow-up until “the end of 2015”:

“We’ll take October, November and December off to finish up writing and pre-production. And then we’ll do a run from Christmas to New Year’s to mid-January out to Texas, where we plan to record it. And then we’ll record in January and February, and probably the beginning of March; take a little bit of time off, and back out on the road.”

Fallon mentions in the interview that Clutch had done pre-production and recorded some tracks with Machine, who they recorded Earth Rocker and Blast Tyrant with, but he wouldn’t expect all of them to make the final cut. He also spoke about the upcoming 20th anniversary of their 1995 self-titled album. When asked if he thought they’d play anniversary shows to commemorate it, Fallon said “most likely not,” but didn’t rule out playing a couple of shows.


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