This coming Tuesday (23), Skills in Pills, the debut album from Lindemann, featuring Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Hypocrisy guitarist Peter Tagtgren, will be released. The album is over the top ridiculous, and it’s amazing that it’s even coming out, given the lyrical content. At any rate, that’s a discussion for another time. In an interview with Bloody-disgusting, Tagtgren said that the two will continue to write songs for Lindemann, but that Rammstein will be regrouping later this year to begin work on their next album:

I think we’re going to keep on writing! Till is going to go back to Rammstein in September to begin pre-production stuff and he says that it usually takes two years from when they start until the album is done.

For me, I don’t know! I have no clue! As soon as all the promotion is over, I’m going to sit down and then think if I should do another Pain album? Another Hypocrisy album? Or should I keep writing for Lindemann? Right now, I have so many ideas for the Lindemann project.

So not to distract from Lindemann, which as we said, comes out on Warner Bros. on June 23rd, but hey, how about that new Rammstein? Granted, they’re just starting pre-production, so it’s going to be a long time before we hear anything from them, but hey, remember that one bad Rammstein album? Neither do we.