Nergal: “From now on, my full energy goes on Behemoth”

Posted by on January 31, 2018


We can’t help but notice that Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has been a little more visible lately. Perhaps it’s because he was in Los Angeles in the past week, where he had a chance to listen to new Tool music and hang out at NAMM. Or maybe it’s because it’s getting to the point where he’s starting to talk about a new Behemoth album. Given that just a few years ago, he said that the band might be done, it’s good to hear that not only are the band working on a new album, they’re pumped about it. Speaking to Team Rock, the band’s frontman says that with the Me and That Man project done, he’ll be focusing on nothing but Behemoth, and says he’s pumped:

“From now on, my full energy goes on Behemoth,” pledges Nergal. “I am super-excited about the lyrics for the new record and it seems like I’ll be writing most of it. I’m very inspired.”

While Nergal says that they’re not rushing the album, it will be out this year, and a new video is expected to land early this year in advance of the album. He says that his generally acoustic Tom Waits-y Me and That Man project gave him inspiration for the new album:

“When I was done with The Satanist, I was pretty much done with any music,” he muses. “I was like, ‘I don’t know if there’s any more extreme metal music in me.’ So I had to level out my energy with Me And That Man, and surprisingly, once I went back to the ‘black metal cave’ after that, I was more creative than ever. I couldn’t stop making songs! Usually, I’m super-burnt-out [after an album cycle], but at this stage, not only am I still full of ideas, I feel like I’m on drugs! I feel pumped. I’m hungry.”

We’ll probably get that video/song before the band goes on tour with Slayer this Summer. Nergal also promises “extra pyro” and “no bullshit” on the road. We’re interested.

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