Necrophobic Issue Statement on Behalf of Band

Posted by on September 6, 2013

necrophobicIt’s been a hell of a week for Necrophobic. On Tuesday, they released a song from their upcoming album, Womb of Liluthu. The following day, we broke a story that lead singer Tobias Sidegard had been imprisoned on charges of spousal abuse. Later that day, Sidegard himself responded to us, stating that he was a free man following a second appeal and that he would get his final judgment in two weeks. The band had remained silent until yesterday, when they issued a short statement via their Facebook page:

Due to current allegations regarding Tobias, we want to point out that we cannot comment on an ongoing legal process in Sweden. NECROPHOBIC however does not condone domestic violence.
This will be our only statement until legal matters have been resolved.

So much like everyone else, the band is waiting to see what happens with the court case. The band played Germany’s Summer Breeze festival in August with Naglfar frontman Kristoffer Olivius. It’s obviously not clear yet whether the band would tour behind Womb of Lilithu with a different singer should Sidegard be found guilty.


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