Marilyn Manson To Paris Jackson: “You Will Be On My Guest List Anytime You Want”

Posted by on June 7, 2013

Earlier this week, it was reported that Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris attempted to commit suicide after she wasn’t allowed to see Marilyn Manson in concert. Did Ms. Jackson really attempt suicide because she couldn’t see Manson live? Whether that’s true or not, the news was enough to supposedly arouse a comment from the shock rocker himself.

According to TMZ, Manson issued a short but sweet message to Paris after hearing of her attempted suicide. “I hope you feel better,” Manson supposedly said. “You will be on my guest list anytime you want.” It should be noted, though, that Manson’s little letter to Jackson hasn’t been posted on any of his social media. Still, it’s a nice gesture from Manson if he really did send her said message.

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